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Why Barfliz Matters

In-person socialization is central to healthy living. Socialization prepares people for social life by teaching them a group's shared norms, values, beliefs, and behaviors. Without in-person socialization, we could not have our society and culture. And without social interaction, we could not have socialization. So, what happened to our society? Oh, that’s right. The advent of too much technology coupled with the pandemic. Time to get back out there and stop hiding behind the curtains of virtual conversations.

Woman Dancing
Woman Dancing

How Barfliz Works

When users go on Barfliz, they can see who is out and about using geofencing technology. From there, depending on each user's chosen visibility, each user can click on the other user, review the profile, and connect via chat. Learn what is happening at each location. Find the perfect spot. Let people know you are going out solo and get invited by others. Send drinks and split tabs directly from your account. Invite your friends and set up an event. Get there.

The Barfliz Effect

Barfliz is more than an app, it’s a movement. We encourage integrity, kindness, equality, confidence, and respect during all stages of any outing. Barfliz is where people go to find commonality and establish and maintain healthier connections in the real world.

Preparing Cocktails
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