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If you don't see your question answered, feel free to reach out to us directly via the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP. 

Can anyone join Barfliz?

Yes. We like people. That's kind of the point.


Who is Barfliz designed for?

People who like to socialize and have a drink. People who want to meet for a drink wherever in the world they find themselves. People looking to meet other people. People who like to organize a gathering of friends and family for a good time.


Is my privacy secure?

Yes. You are in full control of your privacy settings. You have three options and can toggle between them at will. 

1. Public - visible to anyone in your geofence (location) and can chat with you

2. Private (only friends) - only visible to friends you invite or accept into your online 'network'.

3. Incognito - visible to no one and are able to see other users' public profiles but can't message them directly through Barfliz or send them a drink.

Barfliz protects your privacy by masking your actual location when not within a defined venue - i.e. a bar or restaurant. This is default to protect you. You do have the option to allow users to see your exact location upon request only. 


Is Barfliz a dating app?

Barfliz is not a dating app. Barliz is a social networking app for like-minded people to get out and about. We are about having a drink, going out, and having fun. If you happen to find a lifemate on Barfliz, ping us and we will buy you a beer.

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