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Where to Watch Sports in Charlotte, NC

Whether it’s the Super Bowl, a Hornets game, a Panthers game, college football Saturday, MLB, or a big international soccer match, there’s no lack of fantastic sports bars in Charlotte to meet up with other fans for a great watch.

Charlotte is a sport-loving city, so there are tons of sports bars for you to visit. However, we’ve reviewed the most popular sports bars in Charlotte, and here are the best bars for tv/in-bar sports. Also, there offer incredible food and drinks. #sportsbars

Anyone can watch a football game at home or even on a mobile phone. But that’s not how you enjoy sports. No one should watch sports alone, especially epic matches. The noise and passion from fans and ‘haters’ alike is a necessary ingredient. Below is where to get all that and more!

This sports bar recently upped its game with a new patio bar graced with flat-screen TVs dedicated to sports. When you have a day with lots of games to watch, you don’t have to worry about stopping by an eatery. You can enjoy your games with great food and drinks at Duckworth’s.

At this sports bar, you can find all the markings of a game day spread. They have a killer beer list, delicious pub fare, and action-packed entertainment. The scenery is great if you’re looking to soak up your TV time in a lively atmosphere.

Located behind the Bank of America Stadium, you can’t ask for more for a sports bar location. This is the prime real estate of Draught; an upscale bar started in 2014 with over 40 craft beers on set. It is one of those sports bars in Charlotte that is unique for its location. It is one of the best spots to meet up with friends after a game day.

The over 60 HD TVs and memorabilia-sprawled walls of this sports bar scream of game day oasis. If you want to feel a little closed off from the rest of the world, you should be at the heated patio of this bar, where there are big screens with an awesome TV angle.

Great food, massive screens, and a fantastic setting make Hickory Tavern a number-one choice for many folks in Charlotte. This is a place where you can find both fans and rivals sporting their jerseys comfortably. They’ve been consistent for a long time, earning the people’s trust.

The Steamer’s is greatly loved around Charlotte. It is unarguably one of the best sports bars in Charlotte. The bar is home to the city’s most loyal football fans. How can there be a football game without the Steamer’s showing it? Not possible! It is a pub for Eagles, Panthers, Browns, Dolphins, and Steelers devotees.

Get out there and enjoy the Charlotte sports bar scene.

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