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So what's this Barfliz social network all about?

Barfliz is a new social networking startup app that is revolutionizing the way people socialize over a drink. Whether you're feeling adventurous and want to meet someone new, or just want to connect with friends, Barfliz has you covered.

Sometimes, the thought of going to a bar alone can be intimidating. You might worry about

being judged, or just not knowing anyone there. On the other hand, inviting friends out for a

drink can be difficult to coordinate, especially if everyone has different schedules or locations.

That's where Barfliz comes in. With just a few clicks on our app, you can find someone to meet

up with for a drink at a bar near you. Simply set your location, select your desired companion

type (new friend or existing friend), and browse through profiles of users who are also looking

for a drinking buddy. When you find someone, you want to meet, just send a message and make plans to meet at the bar, brewery, or any cool location.

There are countless benefits to using Barfliz. For one, it's a great way to make new friends and

expand your social circle. It's also a convenient way to meet up with old friends, especially if

you've lost touch and don't know their current schedule. Additionally, Barfliz is a safer alternative to going to a bar alone, as you'll be meeting up with someone you've connected with through

the app.

If you're looking to grab a drink and socialize, Barfliz is the perfect solution. With our app, you

can easily find a drinking companion, whether it's a new friend or an old one.


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